General information and answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding program rules and administration of iPrefer.


What benefits do iPrefer members receive?
All iPrefer members earn points for eligible stays at participating hotels and receive the following benefits:
Instant Benefits Insider




Points earned per eligible US$1
spent for stays
10 15
Redeem points for free nights,
dining, and spa services*
Room upgrade**
Free Internet
Priority carly check-in, late check-out**
Welcome amenity  

*Varies by hotel
**Based on availability at check-in

Does our hotel have to provide iPrefer benefits to guests who sign up during their stay?
Yes. Please deliver Insider tier member benefits to enrolling members:
  • Free Internet
  • Priority early check-in, late check-out*
  • Room upgrade*
These new members will earn points for all future eligible stays. However, if you wish to award points for their current stay, use the "Request Points" function (Available to Supervisors/iPrefer Ambassadors only. Points are billed to your hotel at your contracted rate).

*Based on availability at check-in


How do iPrefer members earn points?
Members must include their iPrefer member numbers in their reservations and book their stays at participating hotels via the following eligible channels in order to earn points and other iPrefer member rewards:
  •, and associated brand websites
  • iPrefer or Preferred Hotels & Resorts call centers
  • Your hotel website
  • Hotel direct
  • GDS/travel agent bookings
Does our hotel have to calculate points for iPrefer members who stay at our hotel?
No. Preferred Hotels & Resorts will automatically calculate points for eligible stays based on the original reservation amount and booking channel or for stay information entered by your hotel.
How many points do iPrefer members earn for each stay?
Insider members earn 10 points for every US$1 in room reservation spend (Elite members earn 15 points for every US$1 in room reservation spend), exclusive of taxes and service charges, on eligible stays. For example, if a member pays $100/night for three nights, he earns 3,000 points. If a reservation charge includes meals or other inclusions, the points are awarded on the per-night reservation charge.

Stays paid in non-U.S. currency will be converted to USD by Preferred Hotels & Resorts at prevailing exchange rates as provided by
When should our hotel add points on-property?

Your hotel should add points on-property when:

  • An iPrefer member books directly with your hotel or extends their stay from the original reservation dates.
  • Your hotel decides to award points for bookings made outside eligible channels.
  • Your hotel decides to award points for non-reservation spend such as spa, dining, etc.
  • Your hotel decides to award points to alleviate a negative customer service issue.
What does the booking source 'Hotel Direct' mean?
    Hotel Direct: These are direct bookings your property receives via walk-ins, your hotel website (if not using PHR booking engine) or bookings made through your on-site reservation agents.
How does our hotel add points to a guest’s stay?
Use the “Request Points” feature found in the navigation bar of this tool. You can either request points for a single transaction using the “Individual” form. Or, you could award points for multiple transactions at one time through the “Bulk Upload” form.
Can my hotel exclude rates from point awarding?
Yes, your hotel may exclude up to 3 rates from point awarding. Please email with the rates you would like to exclude and we will process your request.



How does our hotel enroll new members?
Use the "Member Sign-Up" feature found in the navigation bar of this tool. Then follow prompts.
How does our hotel check point balance and tier status for an iPrefer member?
Use the "Member Search" feature found in the navigation bar of this tool. Then follow prompts.
What information about iPrefer members can our hotel access?
You can see basic information about members including their name, member number, email address, point balance, and tier. You can also view past stay information of members who enrolled during a stay with you.
Can our hotel change information in a member profile or reset a member password?
No. Changes to profiles or passwords can only be made by members at
Is it necessary for iPrefer members to present a card for identification?
No. You can verify a member in the "Member Search" feature found in the navigation bar of this tool. Members may present a physical member card, a virtual card, or a printed copy of their enrollment confirmation email, but it is not necessary for members to show a card or enrollment confirmation in order to receive benefits.
Will our hotel be made aware of iPrefer member arrivals?
Yes. iPrefer Ambassadors will receive an email alerting them to upcoming member arrivals. They can also view member arrivals using the “Upcoming Member Stay Report” within the “Reports” section of the iPrefer hotel portal.



What are iPrefer Reward Certificates?
These cash-value certificates are delivered to iPrefer members in exchange for points and are valid only for use at iPrefer participating hotels.
In what currencies and denominations are Reward Certificates available?
iPrefer Reward Certificates are issued in USD/GBP/EUR 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500 amounts. Additional currencies and denominations may be added in the future.
How many points does a member need to redeem a Reward Certificate?
US amounts are reflected below. Points required for other currencies fluctuate depending on conversion rates.

Reward Certificate Points required
US$25 12,500
US$50 25,000
US$100 50,000
US$250 125,000
US$500 250,000
How will iPrefer members present their Reward Certificate at our hotel?
iPrefer members receive their Reward Certificates via email and are instructed to present them to your hotel as payment on their smart phone, tablet or as a printed copy.
What can iPrefer Reward Certificates be used for?
Reward Certificates are valid as currency for outstanding reservation charges at participating iPrefer hotels for bookings made through any channel, for any rate. Your hotel can also elect to accept them for payment at your outlets, such as your gift shop, restaurant, or spa.
What does our hotel do when a member presents an iPrefer Reward Certificate?
Accept iPrefer Reward Certificates the same as you would cash or a travelers check. Then, use the "Redeem Rewards" feature found in the navigation bar of this tool to verify and accept a Reward Certificate as payment. Apply the full cash value to the member's reservation charges, including taxes and service fees (and outlet charges if applicable).

Note: Only Reward Certificates with a 'valid' status should be accepted as payment. If the status reflects 'invalid' or 'redeemed,' it is an indication that this Reward Certificate has already been used and is no longer valid. Contact the iPrefer Hotel Help Desk for further assistance.
Can our hotel order a Reward Certificate on behalf of an iPrefer member? (For example, if guests want to exchange points to redeem a Reward Certificate as payment during their stay).
No, but you may assist guests with logging in to where they will be able to redeem points in exchange for a Reward Certificate. It will be delivered to them immediately via email so they can present it to your hotel during their stay as valid payment.
Do Reward Certificates expire?
No. iPrefer Reward Certificates do not expire and are valid until redeemed.
Can Reward Certificates be used by guests who are not iPrefer members?
Yes. iPrefer members can gift their Reward Certificates to friends and family members. You can accept them as payment just as if being they are being presented by a member.
Does our hotel give cash back if the member presents a Reward Certificate for value less than the amount owed?
No change should be given if the purchase is less than the face-value amount of the Reward Certificate. This condition is made clear in the Reward Certificate delivery email. Members are also advised of this in the program Terms & Conditions on
How does our hotel convert a Reward Certificate that was issued in a foreign currency?
Convert the amount at an exchange rate of your discretion just as if you were presented with cash or a travelers check in a foreign currency.
Will our hotel know ahead of time if an iPrefer member plans to present a Reward Certificate for payment?
iPrefer members are not required to give advance notice if they plan to present a Reward Certificate. It is important that all front desk staff (and outlet staff if your hotel elects to accept Reward Certificates as payment for non-reservation charges) have access to this tool and are familiar with the "Redeem Rewards" feature to facilitate easy use by our members and time-efficient credit to your hotel.
What does our hotel do if a Reward Certificate is listed as "used," "canceled," or "invalid" when we attempt to redeem it?
Do not accept the Reward Certificate as payment if it is invalid. You can contact iPrefer Hotel Help Desk for clarification, or the member can contact Member Services for more information about the Reward Certificate validity.
How does our hotel get paid for Reward Certificates we have redeemed?
Preferred Hotels & Resorts will automatically credit your hotel with your contacted value in the next billing cycle.
When will my hotel receive a redemption credit for Reward Certificates redeemed on property?
A credit memo will be sent to your hotel via email in the first week of the month for all Reward Certificates that were redeemed in the prior month (i.e. A credit memo will be sent in May for all of the redemptions submitted in April). All Reward Certificates must be redeemed in the Hotel Portal in order for your hotel to receive a redemption credit.



Who do I contact if I have questions about iPrefer invoice charges or Reward Certificate credits?
Send an email to with full details of your request.
How do I account for Reward Certificate payments in my Property Management System (PMS)?
Your hotel administrator should create a unique account or billing code in your PMS to identify iPrefer Reward Certificates. Using a unique code will enable you to reconcile credits received from Preferred Hotels & Resorts for redeemed Reward Certificates.
What source does iPrefer use to calculate daily conversion rates?
Our systems use for our daily conversion rate source.



How does our hotel change our password?
Use the "Change Password" link in the navigation bar of this tool.
We have forgotten our iPrefer password, how do we reset it?
Use the "Forgot Password" link in the navigation bar of this tool.
Who should iPrefer members contact for assistance?
iPrefer Member Services at Additional contact information is available at
How do we view stay and point related information for our hotel?
Your iPrefer Ambassador can access this information using the "Reports" feature of this tool.


Email us at or visit for full phone number and email contact information.


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